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mud of the day

  • DC: 52 MUX ( port 7070)
    As its name implies, DC : 52 Mux takes its inspiration from the stories surrounding the heroes and villains of the DC Comics during the miniseries of the same name, 52, and the missing 'one year gap'. However, our continuity breaks from DC Comics just prior to the events detailed in Indentity Crisis, and thus none of the tragedies or sacrifices detailed in that series or the plots to follow have occured. Instead, we allow our players to create a 52 weeks of their own choosing for their characters, giving the opportunity to advance or grow the character in whatever direction they deem best. DC : 52 is fully built with a complete New York, Gotham and Metropolis, and allows players to step into the roles of their favorite DC Comics characters, from Aquaman to Zatanna, and everyone in between. Our focus is on character-driven storytelling and roleplay, set against the backdrop of the world's most legendary heroes and villains, and our goal is to provide a location for comic book fans to craft cooperative tales and joint adventures about their favorite characters.

talker of the day

  • Enchantment Under the Sea ( port 2000)
    Imagine diving into an underwater world, one full of magical places to explore. Imagine meeting and interacting with thousands of people from around the world. Imagine dozens of games, hundreds of commands, and fun events and activities you can enjoy with other users. Imagination is not necessary, for this is reality. Won't you please give us a try?

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