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the EUTS story

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Enchantment Under the Sea is now one of the largest NUTS talkers around, with thousands of users, games, and hundreds of unique features found nowhere else. But everything starts at humble beginnings, and Enchantment Under the Sea's beginnings start with Dune Internet.

We had a chance to meet up with EUTS founder Adonis and talk about the very beginning.

"I had been on a few other talkers before and I enjoyed it, but I wanted a place of my own. A friend told me about Dune Internet so I checked out the webpage and found the information there very helpful.

"I signed up for the basic account (it was $4 at the time and I see it still is), and after a few e-mails and a few questions I was ready to go! I had the talker up and running and open for users.

"I've been extremely happy about my talker hosting. I've been with you now for four years and will probably continue to do so."

It's an interesting story how current EUTS co-owner Ardant, who is now part of the Dune Internet team, found his way onto that talker.

"I honestly had never been on a talker before. I was browsing through some links (looking at MUD websites) when I stumbled upon Dune Internet. I saw a listing for 'Enchantment Under the Sea' at ' port 1998' so I checked it out.

"I was amazed. I'd never been on a talker before, but I found them very intriguing. So I hung around for a while, shortly there after becoming a wiz, and then working on code.

The rest, as they say, is history. With Adonis and Ardant at the helm, EUTS quickly blossomed into a popular place to meet people and have fun, having a large impact on talkers all around the world today. We asked Ardant for final thoughts:

"Come to think about it, finding EUTS and Dune Internet was a freak occurence which had a most profound effect on my life. It was my first major development project, and I learned a lot over these four years I've had my talker at Dune Internet."

"I'm currently working on the Dune Internet team and have been since January of 2002; it's a rewarding experience as there's nothing better than watching other talkers grow and blossom and keep this tradition and community alive."

Adonis had some words for talker-owner wannabes:

"Do it. It's a great experience that's unlike any other. If you want to have your own talker and are just afraid of how hard it'll be or the troubles along the way, don't worry. There's always help, there's always people, you can always get it working."

Adonis is starting a new company, and plans to have the website hosted on Dune Internet.

"Why? Because I can't imagine hosting it anywhere else."

Quick Statistics

Enchantment Under the Sea is the world's biggest general NUTS talker, with over 300,000 logins and people logging in all the time!

It is hosted on

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